Thursday, April 3, 2008

In Memoriam Dennis Irwin

Hier staat Dennis op het podium bij het Joe Lovano Nonet
in Antwerpen (10 november 2006)

Dennis Irwin werd geboren op 28 november 1951 in Birmingham, Alabama.
Hij overleed 10 maart 2008 is in zijn woonplaats New York.
Hij werd slechts 56 jaar.
There are certain people in life that
make you feel at home no matter
where you are. For me, Dennis Irwin
is one of those close people, one of my
closest brothers in the music, a great
teacher and scholar of all the beautiful
blessings life has to offer.
Joe Lovano

Dennis is all ears, all the time, one of
the great accompanists. His beat and
sound are a velvet cushion, like a
Rolls Royce.
John Scofield

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North Sea Jazz Festival 2006
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