Friday, May 7, 2010

New Trombone Collective

Nieuw Trombone Collectief, originally uploaded by Eddy Westveer.
Brandt Attema
Jörgen van Rijen
Alexander Verbeek
Remko de Jager
Martin Schippers
Koen Kaptijn
Mark Boonstra
Victor Belmonte Albert
Joost Gevers (conductor)

The Walls of Jericho

L. Andriessen - Rage Against the Dying of the Light/Jericho
D. Gabrieli - Ricercare
A. Part - Summa
I. Moody - Canticum Canticorum
Anonymous - Adoro te Devote
J. MacMillan - in hiding...
J. Fulkerson - Force Fields & Spaces
J. Ter Veldhuis - Jesus is coming

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North Sea Jazz Festival 2006

North Sea Jazz Festival 2006
Leela James